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The ACP-Erie robotics program emphasizes student growth, arming its young engineers with valuable assets such as creativity, problem-solving skills, and responsibility. From brainstorming ideas, problem-solving hardware issues, and debugging code to budgeting, ordering parts, and ensuring that the robots are ready by competition time, the club members – high school and junior high students at ACP-Erie – take charge of all stages of the robot’s design and development.

ACP-Erie’s Robotics Club has grown rapidly in the four years since its inception. We now have three competitive teams – the Knights, Jesters, and Squires. With the associated robotics class, the ACP-Erie robotics program includes over 30 students from a campus of just over 700.

Last year was our most successful competitive year; all three teams competed in the Arizona State Championship and we sent our first robot team to VEX Worlds in Louisville, KY. We hope to do even better this year.



1 x State Tournament Finalists
1 x State Programming Skills Winner
1 x State Judges Award
1 x State Sportsmanship Award

5 x Excellence Award
4 x Tournament Champions
1 x Design Award
3 x Robot Skills Winner
1 x Programming Skills Winner
3 x Driver Skills Winner
2 x Judges Award
3 x Sportsmanship Award

Previous Season (Starstruck)

1 x State Tournament Finalists

2 x Excellence Award
3 x Tournament Champion
2 x Robot Skills Winner
1 x Judges Award

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